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Download the Solstice app to your laptop to connect, share content, and collaborate freely on a Solstice display.

Android Downloads Currently Unavailable

With a commitment to giving you the best experience, we have temporarily removed our app from the Google Play store. We’re actively working on a version compatible with newer Android operating systems. Although we don’t have a specific timeline to share, we want to assure you that we’re dedicated to our brand promise of enabling sharing from any device. In the meantime, you can still use screen mirroring on many Android devices with Miracast enabled, using native features like Cast Screen and Smart View.

Mobile App Downloads for Phones and Tablets

Available on the
App Store
Scan QR code to download mobile app

Experience More With the Mersive Solstice App.

Follow these quick steps to launch the Solstice app.

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1. Install

Install the Solstice app to your laptop.

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2. Click

Once installed, launch the Solstice App.

3. Connect

Select the room and enter the 4-digit PIN on the Solstice display to quickly connect.

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4. Collaborate

Solstice Admin Downloads

Access Solstice Pod updates and other tools for Solstice administrators including centralized management.

Solstice Active Learning User Downloads

Download the Solstice Active Learning app to design and facilitate software-based video routing between multiple Solstice displays.

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