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Solstice Admin Download Center

Access Solstice Pod software updates as well as deployment tools for Solstice administrators, including cloud-based deployment management and more.


Solstice Pod Updates

To update Solstice Pods with internet access, please use standard over-the-air update methods available through Solstice Cloud and Solstice Dashboard. For Pods that do not have access to the internet, use one of the local network update options below. Learn How to Update Solstice →

Solstice Local Release

Update your Pods’ software from behind a firewall using a SLR file and the Solstice Dashboard.

Download SLR File

Solstice Local OTA

Update your Solstice Pods’ software via a local web server with our local over-the-air (OTA) update option.

Download Local OTA File


Deployment Management

Manage, configure, and optimize your Solstice deployment.

Solstice Cloud

Secure, cloud-based management and analytics portal to remotely update and manage Solstice Pods at scale.

Log in to Solstice Cloud

Solstice Dashboard

Centralized, on-premise management tool for Solstice Pods and Windows Display Software.

Download Solstice Dashboard

Solstice Discovery Service (SDS)

IT-friendly mechanism for non-broadcast discovery of Solstice displays across an IT network.

Download SDS

Centrally Deploy the Solstice App

Solstice admins can use the MSI or SCCM installers to centrally deploy the Solstice app for Windows. Learn How →


Solstice Conference Drivers Installer

For Solstice Conference. This MSI installer is for first time Solstice Conference installers. Learn More →


Centrally Deploy the Solstice Active Learning App

Solstice admins can use the MSI installer to centrally deploy the Solstice Active Learning App for Windows. Learn How →


Solstice Windows Display Software

For Solstice Windows Display Software updates, log in to the Solstice Display Software licensing portal.

Go to the Portal →

Solstice Video Room Service

Admins will need to install this lightweight application to run Solstice in dedicated Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms on Intel NUC devices. Learn More →

Solstice User Downloads

Download the Solstice app to connect, share content, and collaborate freely on a Solstice display.

Go to Solstice User Download Page →

Solstice Active Learning User Downloads

Download the Solstice Active Learning app to design and facilitate software-based video routing between multiple Solstice displays.

Go to Solstice Active Learning Download Page →

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