Software End of Life Purpose

As a part of the product life cycle, Mersive will end its support of older Solstice software versions in order to focus on supporting our newer series software versions, as well as our upcoming product roadmap. Mersive has defined the following end-of-life (EOL) policy to help organizations understand and manage the impacts of a software version reaching the end of its product life cycle.

Software End of Life Policy

  • When a major software version reaches its end of life, Mersive will no longer improve, maintain, or support the EOL’d software series with technical support, software updates, patch fixes, etc.
  • Mersive will actively support 2 major series software versions (e.g. Solstice 4.x and Solstice 5.x).
  • Once a new major software version is released, there will be up to a 6-month grace period before the oldest major software version will reach its end of life. Mersive reserves the right to declare when a major software version has reached its EOL.
  • When a major release version (e.g. Solstice 3.x) reaches its EOL, all software versions within that major release series including minor patch releases (3.0, 3.1, 3.1.2, etc.) will be EOL’d.
  • Mersive will announce the official EOL date for a major software version 3 to 6 months in advance. Mersive will communicate this announcement to potentially impacted customers via email, and the announcement will also be posted in Mersive’s support portal.
  • If you choose to remain on a software version that has reached its end-of-life, your perpetual Solstice Pod license will still continue to work after that date.
  • Updating to the latest software version is not required; however, it is strongly recommended to get the latest capabilities and fixes. Note: Current Solstice Subscription is required to update to the latest software version. If you’re unsure of your subscription status, please reach out to
  • If your Solstice Subscription has expired but you have access to a newer, supported software version that was released before the end of your subscription term, you will be able to update your Pods to that software version.
  • EOL’d versions of Solstice Pod hardware will not be able to upgrade to the latest version of Solstice as these hardware versions have reached their end of life and are no longer supported by Mersive.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Mersive Support at or open a support ticket in our Support Portal for further assistance.