Gen2i & Gen2 End of Life Program

Mersive will end of life (EOL) our Gen2i Solstice Pod hardware platform on December 31, 2023. After that date, Mersive will not provide new features or improvements via software updates to Gen2i Pods. Gen2i Pods can be identified by the Serial Number (S/N) listed on the bottom of the Pod beginning with the letters “MPOD2017.”

However, any Gen2i Pods under a current subscription plan through December 31, 2024 will still be guaranteed technical support, critical security updates, and access to Solstice Cloud for the Gen2i platform.

Mersive’s decision to ‘end of life’ the Gen2i platform is driven by the Gen2i’s inability to support Mersive’s future product roadmap due to operating system and hardware performance limitations. Mersive has not offered the Gen2i Pod for sale since August 2019, and after the Gen2i ‘end of life’, Mersive will focus development resources on our more recent Pod platforms. Mersive will focus development resources on our more recent Pod platforms.

The Mersive Gen2 Solstice Pod hardware platform was put on EOL status as of December 31, 2020. Mersive is no longer providing new features or improvements via software updates, nor is technical support guaranteed. Gen2 Pods can be identified the Serial Number (S/N) listed on the bottom of the Pod beginning with the letters “MPOD2016” or “MPOD02016.” Please reach out to for a hardware upgrade quote for your Gen2 Pods.

 Gen3 Pods are not affected by this announcement and will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future.

Gen2i/Gen2 Continued Support Until EOL and Continued Usage After

Until the December 31, 2023 ‘end of life’ date, all previously sold Gen2i Pods (with current Solstice Subscription agreements) will continue to receive new features and improvements. After that time, Mersive will no longer provide software updates, nor will we guarantee technical support for Gen2i Pods without a current subscription.

Every Solstice Pod comes with a perpetual software license; although Gen2i Pods will not have access to software updates after December 31, 2023, customers can continue to use their Gen2i Pods indefinitely.

Our Gen2 Solstice Pod hardware platform has an EOL date of December 31, 2020, and no longer has access to software updates past December 31, 2020.

Gen2i Pod

(EOL announced)

Gen3 Pod

Gen3 Pod

(available for sale/upgrade)

ItemsSolstice Gen2i PodSolstice Gen3 Pod
Gen2i Pod
Solstice Gen 2i Pod
Gen3 Pod
Solstice Gen3 Pod
BYOD Wireless Content Sharingyesyes
Unlimited Content on Screen
Desktop & App Window Sharingyesyes
HD Quality Streamingyesyes
AirPlay & Miracast Mirroringyesyes
Intuitive Drag & Drop Layout Controlyesyes
Solstice Ink Collaborative Markupyesyes
Room Calendar Integrationyesyes
Digital Signage Playbackyesyes
Cloud Management & Analyticsyesyes
API for Third Party Integrationsyesyes
Enterprise Grade Securityyesyes
Agnostic Conferencing Support* yes
Video Routing with Solstice Active Learning* yes
4k Wireless Streamingyes
Wired Content Inputyes
Dual Display Supportyes
Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+)yes
Improved Processing Power/Performanceyes
Option to Extend Warranty yes
Standard & Enterprise LicensingyesEnterprise only
*Requires an active subscription 

Options to Upgrade Your Existing Pods to Gen3

The Gen3 Pod was announced in early 2019 and delivers the industry’s most powerful, flexible meeting space platform, including significant improvements and advantages over Mersive’s Gen2i platform.

Upgrade options are available for customers with current Solstice Subscription agreements. Please fill out the form below to learn more about the upgrade options available to you and to request a quote.