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Spec Solstice for New Designs

The Solstice Pod is an integrated hardware-software console custom built for wireless media streaming.
The Pod transforms any display into a collaboration hub, including support for most HID touch displays. If you need to spec the Pod into your design, here is what you should know.

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The Gen2i Pod has an HDMI port, an Ethernet port, two USB inputs (for touchscreens or HMI devices like a keyboard and/or mouse), an audio output, and a 12V power input.  The Pod uses the Ethernet port exclusively for network communication and is not PoE enabled. An international 12V power supply is included in the box, so no dedicated power drop is required for installation. The included power supply is rated up to 3A, but the actual power consumption of the Pod is typically under 10W.  The Pod also comes with an HDMI cable.

For a complete list of all hardware and system specs, as well as certification and warranty information, see the Pod Spec and Reference Material.

Hardware TypeCompute Console
Size126mm x 101mm x 25.8mm
Operating Temperature (Ambient)0° C (32° F) to 35° C (95° F)
Input Power DC 12V @ 3A max
Power Efficiency LevelVI
Power AdaptorSwitching 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, changeable plug type (international support)
Adaptor Region Support:US, EU, AK, AUS
Emissions TestingFCC, CE (Home and Office Use)
Regional Certification MarksUSA, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Australia/New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico


The small form factor Pod can be mounted almost anywhere, including under a table or behind the display. All antennas on the Solstice Pod are internal so the Pod may be mounted in any orientation and does not require a set amount of separation (however, Mersive recommends the Pod not be enclosed on all sides). There are no buttons or switches on the Pod.

Solstice Pod Mount

Important Note on Installation

The Solstice Pod is designed to be deployed on existing WiFi/Ethernet networks. To streamline deployment, Pod(s) should be attached to the host network(s) and configured before they are physically installed. If a Pod is installed without network connectivity, a Solstice admin will be required to physically connect a USB mouse/keyboard to the unit in order to configure it.  

Mounting Options

A flat surface mount and a standard VESA display mount (shown above) are available through Mersive partner AV Agents

Network Connectivity Requirements

The Pod is designed to be deployed on existing WiFi/Ethernet networks and has separate wired (Ethernet) and wireless Network Interface Cards (NICs) which provide a range of network connectivity options. The Solstice Pod’s NICs are configured independently and have separate routing tables to ensure no traffic can pass between the networks for security reasons. An Ethernet connection is recommended. 

Solstice Pod Options

The Solstice Pod will always have the same physical form factor, but will have different features and capabilities depending on the version selected.  Small Group Edition (SGE) Pods allow up to 4 simultaneous connections, while Unlimited Pods allow unlimited users to connect and share content.  

If your deployment involves more than a few rooms and/or you want to take advantage of features like Multi-Room and calendar integration, we highly recommend selecting Enterprise Edition products.  Enterprise licenses allow an admin to manage, monitor, update, and configure Pods individually or in bulk from a single interface - the Solstice Dashboard. 

Small Group Standard


SKU: SP-7100

  • 4 Users
  • Secure On-Network Deployment
  • Centrally Manageable
  • Multi-Room

Unlimited Standard


SKU: SP-7000

  • Unlimited Users
  • Secure On-Network Deployment
  • Centrally Manageable
  • Multi-Room

Small Group Enterprise


SKU: SP-7100-E

  • 4 Users
  • Secure On-Network Deployment
  • Centrally Manageable
  • Multi-Room

Unlimited Enterprise


SKU: SP-7000-E

  • Unlimited Users
  • Secure On-Network Deployment
  • Centrally Manageable
  • Multi-Room

*All pricing is US-only MSRP

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