Creating Synergy Between Workspace Design and Collaboration Technology

Creating Synergy Between Workspace Design and Collaboration TechnologyConvene is a New York-based real estate company that specializes in flexible meeting and working space. They partner with the world’s most prominent property owners to deliver superior meeting and workplace experiences in Class A office buildings. At the time of this writing, Convene is the fastest-growing network of tech-enabled meeting, event, and flexible workplaces and recently announced that it secured $152 million in Series D financing bringing its total equity funding to-date to $260 million. By the end of 2019, they are projected to have 1,700,000 total square feet of space in 10 cities, nearly 2.5 times the square footage and double the locations planned for 2018.


Convene isn’t the only coworking company attracting investment. WeWork recently held talks to raise funds at a valuation of $35 billion, Knotel closed a $70 million Series B round in April that valued it at $500 million, and Industrious, raised $80 million in a Series C round in February at an undisclosed valuation. Differentiation will now come at a higher cost. However, the cost to create the rooms, supply the technology, and use these spaces can’t outweigh the value they provide. Not only must Convene now find the tools and amenities that will help them differentiate themselves against the growing crowd of competitors, then need to analyze the cost of it all and prove the value.


Technology defines the modern meeting space. It embodies how you interact with your environment. A mobility culture is about users coming into a space and being able to cast content from any device to share with others in the space. Solstice allows users to do that quickly and easily.Christopher Jaynes, PhD, CTO & Founder, Mersive

The Convene workplaces come complete with the latest AV/IT equipment including projectors, TV displays, mixers, and wireless mics – all supported by their on-site technology staff. Central to this technology strategy is Mersive’s Solstice which has been made available in meeting rooms and huddle spaces to provide a productivity boost by putting content at the center of the collaboration experience. Solstice’s intuitive, software-based interface makes it easy for any number of users to share content from any device. Moreover, IT admins can centrally secure and manage the Solstice Pods from a single consoleMersive’s Kepler allows analysis of real-time alerts and data from the Pods providing aggregate or room-level insights on up-time, utilization, and engagement.


Solstice Pods are an excellent means for creating productive event spaces and allowing flexibility for various uses in our spaces. It’s a great product and tool for us and our clients who occupy our workplace. Its intuitive ease of use make it as easy to deploy as it is to manage remotely. More importantly, its scalability make it an ideal product for our growth targets in the coming year.Michael Judeh, Regional Director of Technology

In large part due to the synergy between its workplace design and collaboration technology, Convene’s overall average Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer satisfaction rating is 91, higher than industry leader Apple, or anyone in the traditional hospitality space, where the average NPS score is 45. With this kind of push, the Mersive and Convene partnership will continue to help improve collaboration effectiveness and overall user satisfaction.

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