The Ultimate Meeting Collaboration Platform

Solstice is a software-based, cloud-enabled meeting collaboration platform that is optimized for both local and remote teams. It allows simultaneous users to wirelessly share content to the room display and seamlessly bridges to remote locations using any major video conferencing service. With Solstice at the center of your meeting spaces, you get the productivity gains of wireless collaboration with the power of fully integrated video conferencing.

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Bring Your Own Meeting

Bring Your Own Meeting

Any device. Any application, content, and calendar. Any meeting type, room, and peripheral. Solstice and Solstice Cloud leverage all of these to seamlessly curate your entire meeting environment for the optimum team experience using the same, easy workflow every time.

wireless content sharing

Award-winning Content Sharing

Solstice enables team collaboration to reach new heights by allowing simultaneous users on any device to wirelessly stream rich content to a room display. Share content in one step using any browser, AirPlay®, Miracast®, or the Solstice app. Solstice uses the local network for the highest streaming performance and lowest networking costs.

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Video Conference Integration

Ground-breaking Video Conferencing Integration

In cases where your meeting involves remote participants, Solstice Conference seamlessly bridges the full in-room experience — including any room peripherals — to any video conferencing service in just one step. All users can share in one step — without having to join the conference — using Solstice content sharing.

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Manage Pods from Anywhere

Manage All Locations from Anywhere

Manage your entire Solstice deployment — whether it’s local, regional, or global — from Solstice Cloud, our centralized management portal. Also, connect to supported third-party cloud services and easily software upgrade any part of the deployment at any time.

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Meeting analytics

A Multiplicity of Insights

In Solstice-enabled rooms, data from users sharing content and accessing cloud services provide unrivaled, data-driven narratives on team collaboration. With Solstice Cloud, gain critical insights from your largest dataset on meeting and learning spaces so that you can optimize productivity.

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