Mersive’s goal is to enhance the evaluation process for potential, current, and future deployments in your clients’ projects.

Our team will be by your side to ensure you have what you need to provide your customers with the best experience. As a Mersive Consultant, you’ll take advantage of the following benefits:

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  • Access to free Solstice Pod demo units for evaluation
  • Priority technical support, educational webinars, and exclusive looks at the roadmap, and even on-site visits and evaluations
  • Access to the Partner Portal, which includes resources and tools to effectively test the product, evaluate it for projects, and address your clients’ questions
  • A first look at Solstice beta releases
  • Insights into to the Solstice Roadmap, API and other similar materials
  • Invitations to consultant-only events and webinars with our Founder and CTO, Christopher Jaynes, PhD.

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