Modernize your learning spaces and common areas with a cutting-edge AV collaboration solution crafted for educational institutions.

Leverage Software.
Lengthen Lifecycles.

Unlimited wireless sharing,
digital signage and more

Solstice Cloud for
deployment and management

Lifetime support and updates,
plus three-year hardware warranty

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Common Spaces

Elevate campus connectivity with Solstice in every shared space. Spark collaboration and interaction as screens become vibrant communication hubs, offering dynamic visuals and interactive navigation. With instant collaboration capabilities, strengthen connections and engagement across your institution.

Active Learning Rooms

Experience enhanced engagement and collaboration in active learning classrooms. Solstice delivers seamless video and audio routing for multi-screen setups, effortlessly deployable and user-friendly for facilitators. Say goodbye to custom programming, matrix switchers, and costly additional hardware.

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Classrooms and Lecture Halls

At the heart of every classroom or lecture hall lies the key to impactful learning experiences. With Solstice, lecturers gain the power to seamlessly share content wirelessly from any device to the presentation screen. Solstice enables content routing to multiple screens within the space, amplifying engagement and comprehension.

Computer Labs and Training Rooms

In labs and training rooms, students cultivate essential skills beyond the confines of conventional classrooms. With Solstice, instructors and learners can effortlessly route audio, video, and various content to room displays, fostering seamless sharing and collaboration opportunities.

Designed for Educators

Broadcast pre-set or customized messages to all room displays to communicate and guide teams through lesson plans.

Promotes Student Collaboration

Multi-participant content sharing, control, and markup enhances engagement so students can share their best ideas.

Supports All User Devices

Flexibility to choose between an easy-to-use Solstice app, AirPlay, Miracast, Chromebook, and browser-based sharing options.

Immerse Yourself in the Mersive Advantage

Already using Solstice on your campus? Unlock the full potential of your institution’s collaborative AV capabilities with Mersive. Connect with our team today to uncover exclusive offers and optimize Solstice for educational excellence. Count on our dedicated experts to streamline integration and provide unparalleled support throughout your journey.

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