A new, agnostic room system that enhances video conferencing with rich content sharing.

Solstice Conference makes meeting and learning spaces interoperable with all major conferencing platforms by wirelessly connecting the conferencing services on users’ laptops to the room display and audio/video peripherals.

How it Works

Simple Room Setup

1. Simple Room Setup

The Solstice Pod attaches to the local WiFi/Ethernet network, room display, and room audio/video.

2. Wirelessly Connects the Room Technology

Solstice wirelessly connects the room display, camera, and audio to the web conference.

Enjoy Better Collaboration

3. Enjoy Better Collaboration

Easily share, arrange, and markup content while remote participants see everything happening in the room.

Bring Your Own Meeting with Solstice

  • Leverage the calendar, content, and conferencing apps on users’ devices.
  • Share and control multi-source content in any web conferencing session.
  • Supports Android and iOS mirroring in Zoom, Teams, and other meetings.

A New Class of Room System

Powerful Collaboration

Multi-participant BYOD content sharing, control, and markup allows your team to share their best ideas.

Room Analytics

Provides admins with critical insights to determine ROI and further optimize their meeting or learning spaces.

Wireless USB Connectivity

Users access and control room cameras, mics, and more wirelessly from their laptops.

Agnostic Room Conferencing

Seamless support for all major conferencing services provides meeting flexibility without vendor lock-in.

Touchless Meetings

User devices drive the meeting, eliminating high-contact touch points such as room consoles.

Enterprise Secure & Scalable

From security hardening to cloud management, Solstice is designed with security and scalability in mind.

Looking for a Zoom, Teams, or Webex Room Solution?

Learn how Solstice works with Zoom, Teams, and Webex running on users laptops to deliver a BYOM room system.

Microsoft Teams

Cisco Webex

Meet The Solstice Pod

The Solstice Pod is a flexible software-based appliance that hosts Solstice collaboration software and provides support for a broad range of room configurations and equipment. Each new Pod includes a one year subscription to Solstice Conference, along with access to new software updates and full deployment support.

Arrow Device
Solstice Pod Front Solstice Pod Front
Solstice Pod Front

HDMI Input

In addition to Solstice’s wireless sharing options, the Pod’s HDMI input enables sharing from wired content sources, such as guests that may not have network access.


The Pod’s front facing USB-C port will support future innovations.

Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back

Ethernet & Wireless

Dual wired and wireless network interface cards provide ultimate flexibility for deploying Solstice on the host IT network(s) and separate routing tables ensure no traffic passes between networks.

Power Supply or POE+

Power the Pod via POE+ or a dedicated power supply.

3.5mm Stereo Out

Connect the Pod to room audio via the 3.5mm audio port with 8-channel 7.1 surround sound.

Dual USB

Room audio/video peripherals, HID touch displays, and local configuration changes are supported via the Pod dual USB ports.

Dual HDMI Outputs

Drive a single 4k display or two 1080p displays with the Pod’s dual HDMI outputs.

One Platform for Any Meeting or Learning Space

Ready to Transform your Meetings?

Learn More About the Solstice Ecosystem

Find out how Mersive’s other products expand the core Solstice platform to deliver more value to your meeting and learning spaces.

solstice pod image

Solstice Ecosystem Overview

Learn how Mersive’s software, cloud, and I/O hub work together.

Solstice Cloud

Secure cloud-based deployment management and analytics.

Solstice Active Learning

Software-based video routing for multi-screen environments.