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Solstice 6 | Easier and Faster Collaboration and Setup for Both Integrators and End Users

June 2023

solstice 6 release image
  • Leverage Dynamic Digital Signage to Captivate End Users.  Solstice 6 transforms our digital signage capabilities through a completely customizable webpage that can be interactive and dynamically responsive through the use of occupancy sensors or even API calls.

  • New Guided Setup Experience. When you first unbox and plug in your Solstice Pod, our new guided setup and installer tool opens to walk you through network, internet, and Solstice Cloud setup instructions that ensure each Pod is properly deployed.

  • Fully Revamped Solstice Web App. Not every user wants or is able to download the Solstice app. Solstice 6 includes the necessary certificates to use our completely revamped Solstice web app. By simply going to share.mersive.com, users can now wirelessly and securely share content through their browser of choice without having to install the Solstice app.

  • Re-Architected Deployment Processes.We’ve made tons of back-end optimizations with Solstice 6 that ensure each deployment is successful. The new Solstice installer automatically whitelists Solstice with Windows Defender so you can get the most out of the Solstice app. We’ve also re-architected our discovery and licensing processes to ensure smoother deployments for our customers and partners.

Advantages of Solstice’s Software-Based Architecture

As a software-based product, Solstice undergoes continuous development and refinement in collaboration with some of the world’s leading corporate and higher education institutions. Solstice Subscription provides all Mersive customers access to these ongoing innovations that help make their meeting and learning spaces more collaborative and productive.

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