Create Better Meetings
with Solstice

Mersive’s Solstice platform transforms meetings through increased collaboration, engagement, and productivity. 

Solstice transforms meetings into highly collaborative sessions by allowing multiple users to simultaneously share unlimited content to the meeting room display.

Solstice prevents meeting flow disruptions by removing the need to pass control between presenters, allowing unlimited content to be shared quickly and giving users the flexibility to share how they want, when they want, so everyone can present and collaborate equally.

People in meeting room using Solstice Conference

How Is Solstice Better?


Bring any device and start your meetings in seconds – no cables or room consoles required.


Bring teams together from all over the world, whether they’re in-office, remote, or both.


Share, arrange, and markup an unlimited amount of content on the display for more productive meeting collaboration.

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Add to any space across your organization as a global standard to support your huddle rooms, conference rooms, and ad hoc spaces.

“The reactive callouts from the team have gone down drastically. The cords don’t disappear. It’s user-friendly. And the screen sharing is very intuitive . . . it’s like an iPad, it doesn’t need an instruction guide. You don’t need an instruction guide with Mersive.”

Luke Lester, Brent Council FM Operations Manager

How Does Solstice Work?

Creating a collaborative space isn’t easy.
Don’t know where to start?

How Does Solstice Work For Our Customers?