Deploy with Confidence

using the Solstice Dashboard and Solstice Discovery Services (SDS)

The Solstice Dashboard and Solstice Discovery Services (SDS) support secure, scalable deployment on managed IT networks.

The Solstice Dashboard

A centralized management tool that can be used to monitor, configure, and update Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods and Windows Software instances on a network.
Centralized Management

Centralized Management

The Solstice Dashboard provides technology managers with a tool to configure, monitor, manage, and control all the Solstice endpoints across the host network — from one or multiple admin workstation(s).

Enterprise Features

In addition to one-to-many management, the Solstice Dashboard exposes additional features only available for Enterprise Edition licenses, including Solstice multi-room, welcome screen customization, network encryption, quality of service (QoS) support, and much more.

Software for Windows

Software for Windows

The Solstice Dashboard software for Windows is free to download free to download and is compatible with Enterprise Edition Solstice Pods and Windows Display Software licenses.

Solstice Discovery Service (SDS)

An IT-friendly, non-broadcast mechanism that allows users to discover and click-to-connect to Solstice displays from their own devices to start sharing content.
Streamline User Connections

Streamline User Connections

Enable users to see a list of Solstice displays on their network with simple click-to-connect functionality. SDS supports this capability without the use of UDP broadcast/multicast networks, which is usually forbidden on IT managed networks.

multi-room image

Solstice Multi-Room

Solstice Discovery Service is a required component of Solstice Multi-Room. SDS enables users to discover and join Multi-Room collaboration sessions from new locations.

DNS Support

DNS Support

By popular demand, we’ve added DNS support for SDS, enabling users to activate SDS on their devices by entering an intuitive URL onscreen instead of the IP address.

Visit our Downloads page for access to the Solstice Dashboard and SDS.

Specs and Requirements

For specifications and system requirements for the Solstice Dashboard and Solstice Discovery Service, as well as installation and configuration instructions, please refer to the product guides.

Solstice Enterprise vs Solstice Standard

Expanded security, admin, and user capabilities support better meetings in modern enterprises – which is why most of our customers choose the Solstice Enterprise Edition.



Solstice Small Group Edition

Solstice Enterprise Edition

Unlimited Number of Users check check
Unlimited Number of Posts check check
User Control of all Shared Content check check
Local One-to-One Management check check
Centralized One-to-Many Management   check
Solstice Multi-Room   check
Welcome Screen Customization   check
3rd-Party API Integration   check
Emergency and Display Banner Messaging   check
Digital Signage   check
Calendar Integration   check
Solstice Cloud   check
List price $1,349* $1,549*
*All Pricing is MSRP, US-only

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