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Mersive's RESTful OpenControl API gives you the ability to deeply integrate the Solstice meeting experience with the rest of your environment. The API operates over your existing network to allow devices and systems to trigger events, configure, and read the status of your Pods and Windows Software hosts.  It’s easy to get started - any device and any programming language that can issue HTTP GET/POST commands to your Pods can be used.

There’s a growing community of users and partners who are building some very exciting applications with the API.  These can range from the straightforward (clicking an icon on the podium PC to clear the Solstice display of all Posts) to the more sophisticated (monitoring your Pod fleet for configuration settings that are out of compliance and emailing your IT team). 

Featured Project

Use Alexa to control Solstice

In this video we share a creative use case of the OpenControl API – using an Alexa device to communicate with Solstice Pod to share and control digital content on the display.  

Drew, a Mersive intern, uses the OpenControl API to share his screen to a certain Solstice display via Alexa - including the step of providing the screen key! 

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Example Scripts

Using all GET/POST commands

Environment: Windows/Python2.7
See script >>

Exploring the GET commands

Environment: Windows/Python2.7
See script >>

Update multiple Pods using a text file

Environment: Windows/Python 2.7
See script >>

Monitor and save usage information

Environment: Windows/Python 2.7
See script >>


Using the API

It’s up to you how you’ll integrate Solstice – but here are a few examples of what the Solstice developer community has been up to:

Integrate on-screen messaging with existing emergency system

When the system triggers an emergency alert on the campus, the OpenControl API sends a command to all Pods to display the same emergency messaging as a ticker on every Solstice enabled room.

Make connecting easier in lecture halls with a high-visibility screen key

A room-control panel that reads the current screen key from the Pod and displays it at the back of a large room for users to be able to view as they enter the room.

Let users claim rooms for ad-hoc meetings in set time increments

Create a system that makes use of Solstice’s on-screen room schedule capabilities to allow ad-hoc users to click a “book this room” button to mark the room as occupied and hold the space for 30mins.

Gather fully custom usage data and store it in a database

Build a monitoring application that polls Pods for number of users connected and stores that into a back-end SQL database for analytics and usage information.


What’s New?

Customize Welcome Screen Background

Change the background image(s) on your Solstice Welcome Screen by uploading custom files.

Integrate with Room Scheduling Systems

Show meetings or room reservations right on the Solstice Welcome Screen. The OpenControl alternative to using an Office365 or Microsoft Exchange account to show a schedule. 

Check for and Initiate Updates

Read the current software version of an endpoint, check if there are updates available online, and kick off updates for Solstice endpoints.

Manage Welcome Screen Messaging

Control and configure the state and content of RSS feeds, custom message tickers, and emergency broadcasting.


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