Today’s Enterprise Meeting Rooms

Learn how corporations allocate and equip meeting spaces based on ever-changing employee needs.

This Whitepaper uncovers insights and information about trends, priorities, and futures from the enterprise IT managers responsible for their AV estate.

Today’s information workers need more than just places to meet. They need (and expect) meeting rooms that empower them to present information, collaborate with workers, solve problems, and make informed decisions in real time.

In general, we found that organizations are increasingly focused on building smaller, technology-enabled meeting spaces (a.k.a. huddle rooms). Stay ahead of the trend and learn more about the shift in meeting room size and the technology used to equip these rooms.

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The study was performed by renown research agency

What You’ll Learn

  • Current and future mix of meeting rooms
  • Current AV equipment deployed in meeting rooms
  • Future adoption of AV equipment categories
  • What to look for in a wireless presentation vendor / solution
  • What to expect from your current wireless presentation solution

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