Mersive Minute – Digital Signage

Mersive Minute - Digital Signage

Watch Rick Muermann, Regional Consultant Liaison at Mersive to learn how Mersive’s Solstice extends the ability to play HTML-based signage content by integrating with leading digital signage management platforms such as Appspace, TriplePlay, and more.

Series 3: Solstice Cloud – Templates

Lesson 6 Solstice Cloud - Templates

In this lesson you will learn about the Templates sub-tab in Solstice Cloud that allows you to configure the Pod settings including customizing the welcome screen, setting network configurations, and more.

Series 3: Solstice Hardware

Lesson 3 Solstice Hardware

In this lesson you will learn about the Solstice Pod, how to install it, and how to read a Solstice-enabled display.

Series 3: Pre-planning

Lesson 2 Pre-planning

In this lesson you will go through the pre-planning process and learn about all the things you need to consider before deploying Solstice, including opening network ports, installing Solstice Discovery Service (SDS), and how you’ll categorize your Solstice Pods to be managed in Solstice Cloud.

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