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Mersive Announces Solstice Multi-Room, a Force Multiplier for Enterprise Collaboration

Mersive, a leading provider of wireless media streaming and collaboration software, today announced the launch of Solstice 3.0 featuring Multi-Room, the next generation of its award-winning collaboration product. This version signals a watershed moment for Solstice, as the product will now allow users who are not in the same room to connect, share, and control content collaboratively across their enterprise network. Collaborating with Solstice boosts meeting productivity by reducing startup time, increasing engagement, and yielding better meeting results. Solstice Multi-Room acts as a force multiplier for these productivity gains by enabling users to connect and collaborate across multiple locations.

Solstice enables any number of users to connect to a meeting room display via WiFi/Ethernet networks and share and control unlimited content from their laptops and mobile devices. Meeting participants can mirror their device screens, stream individual application windows, share videos and more, creating an instant collaboration session. When two or more Solstice displays are synced in a Multi-Room session, shared content appears on all meeting room displays regardless of which location it is shared from. This seamless flow of content across multiple locations improves the communication of ideas and information to facilitate effective collaboration among teams in separate meeting spaces.

“Current audio and video conferencing offer multi-room connectivity, but because they limit content to a single thread, meetings are by default relegated to presentation mode,” observes Mersive CEO Rob Balgley. “Now with Solstice Multi-Room, users can have both connectivity for multiple rooms and multi-threaded content. This puts content sharing on a level playing field with audio and video.”

Solstice Multi-Room is additive to existing conferencing solutions, addressing the need for broader content sharing to complement traditional meeting audio/video connectivity. The Solstice Multi-Room user interface allows participants to input dial-in and/or video teleconference connection information, which other users can see and access as they join the Multi-Room session. A new chat feature is also included for messaging among users in Multi-Room meetings. In addition to the new Multi-Room capability, the 3.0 version of Solstice includes a streamlined user interface design, which further improves ease-of-use.

“Collaboration among participants within a company is often content heavy, a use case that has been largely ignored by legacy conferencing services whose roots are in traditional telephony,” said Mersive CTO Christopher Jaynes. “Solstice Multi-Room supports the trend towards a more ad-hoc meeting culture by increasing meeting awareness, making meetings easier to join, and allowing content to be shared collaboratively – now without geographical limits.”

From the launch of Solstice in March 2013, the product has been designed as an enterprise solution. The Solstice Dashboard supports centralized, one-to-many management of the Solstice rooms across an enterprise network and features capabilities such as encryption of Solstice network traffic, support for secure collaboration among enterprise and guest users, lightweight digital signage, and support of Quality of Service (QoS), among others. Solstice Multi-Room expands the enterprise capabilities of the product to include use cases beyond single-room meetings.

Solstice 3.0 with Multi-Room will be on display for the first time at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam February 7-10, 2017. Solstice 3.0 with Multi-Room is scheduled for release in March of 2017. The new Multi-Room capability will be included as part of Solstice Pod Enterprise Edition products at no additional charge and with no new hardware requirement. Existing customers can update their Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods with active software maintenance to the 3.0 version of Solstice to access the Multi-Room capability. For more information, visit

About Mersive

Mersive is a leading provider of wireless media streaming and collaboration software for corporate, education, and government markets. Mersive Solstice software allows any number of users to simultaneously stream content from computers, tablets, and phones to any display – wirelessly. By removing the need for video cables and converters, Solstice improves meeting productivity and transforms traditional conference rooms and classrooms into collaborative, multi-user environments. Users can connect, share, and control any display from their own devices using their existing network. In addition, Solstice transforms enterprise displays into an IT-managed pixel-landscape through a centralized console that can be used to manage access, security, and capture analytics. Mersive’s software unlocks display infrastructure to create affordable collaboration environments that foster interaction, facilitate decision-making, and cultivate creativity. Mersive is based in Denver, Colorado. For more information visit

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