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Mersive Introduces M-Series, First Large Format, Beyond-HD Display that Delivers Simplified, Low Cost Collaborative Visualization

Mersive Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of beyond-HD display management solutions, today announced the M-Series, an 11-megapixel display that delivers a 157 inch diagonal image while using a footprint that is only 24 inches deep. The result is an image that is almost six times the resolution of HD in a turnkey solution that enables collaborative visualization for demanding applications including engineering design, business planning, command and control, teleconferencing, and scientific visualization.  At less than two feet deep, the M-Series lowers the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for room reconfiguration and specialized HVAC and building infrastructure.  The M-Series can be maintained by IT or business staff which further reduces support cost and increases usability. The M-Series accomplishes this by utilizing Mersive’s SOL Harmony display management software engine that automatically aligns, color balances, and maintains image quality across multiple projectors throughout the life of the display.

The M-Series display system sets up in less than a half day and requires minimal ongoing maintenance.  It works with virtually any industry standard video source, including PCs, or video wall controllers. Beyond-HD image quality is obtained by combining multiple HD resolution projection units into a single, seamless image of over 11 megapixels. The result is extraordinary image quality without the complexities, expense, or additional infrastructure requirements of alternative solutions.

“Until now, large format, high resolution display systems for oil and gas, government, and transportation applications were cost prohibitive, high maintenance, and limited to use in specifically designed rooms,” stated Rob Balgley, CEO of Mersive. “The M-Series eliminates those challenges and costs 70 percent less than what a typical 11-megapixel display would cost.  Our goal is to make large-scale, far beyond-HD displays an off-the-shelf, affordable technology that is accessible for virtually any market or display application.”

The M-Series display system leverages SOL Harmony, Mersive’s advanced display management software that automatically aligns and blends multiple light sources into one beyond-HD image for large-scale visualization applications. The software handles six inputs and six outputs per system, 11 megapixels max per system; multiple systems can be daisy-chained to go beyond 11 megapixels. SOL Harmony includes sophisticated display calibration software that automatically aligns the geometry, color, and brightness of multiple projectors used together to create one image. The SOL Harmony system works with any set of projectors and can be used to create displays other than the M-Series.  For example, it supports wide field of view displays and complex surface geometries, including flat, curved, and cylindrical display surfaces that are illuminated by projectors in any configuration imaginable.

The M-Series display system dimensions are:

•     Screen: 157″
•     Width: 12-feet 7-inch
•     Height: 7-feet 0-inch
•     Depth: 2-feet 0-inch

M-Series Datasheet

Pricing & Availability

The M-Series display systems are available now.  Pricing is available on request.

About Mersive Technologies, Inc.

Mersive Technologies develops display management software and systems that bring unprecedented simplicity and affordability to large-scale, beyond-HD displays allowing visual collaboration to go mainstream. Mersive delivers this capability through its SOL Harmony and SOL Server software that automatically align multiple projectors into one seamless image of extraordinary quality and resolution without the expense of specialized hardware and services. Knowledge workers such as engineers, designers, scientists, and operators are leveraging large, high-resolution displays for daily team interaction. Mersive is based in Denver, Colorado.

For more information contact:

Robert Balgley, Mersive Technologies, 1-303-291-3775, Juliann Grant, PR Counsel, Telesian Technology,

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