Mersive’s OpenControl API uses HTTP GET and POST commands to enable third-party integration with Solstice Pods, Windows Software hosts, and even the Solstice Discovery Service. The API exposes much of the functionality found in the Solstice Dashboard through a comprehensive command set that can be implemented using your existing environment and tools.


Solstice Room Scheduling

OpenControl can be used to control the calendaring and scheduling features introduced in Solstice 3.1. You can now display a room schedule on the Solstice welcome screen by connecting to Microsoft Exchange or Office365 calendar via the Solstice Dashboard, or send meeting information directly using the OpenControl API.

The calendar supports personal, delegation, and impersonation accounts, as well as resource calendars.

Using Solstice with Alexa

Using the OpenControl API, we allow Alexa to talk to the Solstice Pod to share and manage content on your display.