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Solstice Subscription combines valuable services and inclusions for the Solstice Pod into a cost-effective subscription that completes the Solstice collaboration experience and provides peace of mind that your Solstice deployment is future proofed and fully supported by Mersive.

Get More From Your Collaboration Spaces with Solstice Subscription

Seamless Control from Anywhere

Solstice Subscription enhances Solstice Cloud by enabling administrators to manage, configure, monitor and schedule updates for your Mersive fleet from a centralized portal, regardless of their physical location.

Optimize Your Deployment

Meeting room analytics are included with Solstice Subscription and provide meaningful insights on room utilization, occupancy, and technology allowing organizations to better understand and optimize their Solstice-enabled spaces.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Future Proof Your Spaces

With access to future features, extended hardware warranty, and tier one technical support, Solstice Subscription future-proofs your meeting room strategy and investment.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership

What’s Included

Advantages of Solstice’s Software-Based Architecture

As a software-based product, Solstice undergoes continuous development and refinement in collaboration with some of the world’s leading corporate and higher education institutions. Solstice Subscription provides all Mersive customers access to these ongoing innovations that help make their meeting and learning spaces more collaborative and productive.
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Experience the Best of Solstice with Solstice Subscription

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