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Provides meaningful data that empowers organizations to better understand and optimize their Solstice-enabled meeting and learning spaces.

Meeting Space Occupancy & Utilization

Meeting Space Occupancy & Utilization

View unique data-driven insights to optimize your spaces for better productivity.

  • Enable optional occupancy counter using USB connected camera.
  • Determine office configurations and track compliance of company health guidelines.
  • View busiest meeting times, average duration, max room density, and more.
Comparative Analysis

Compare Trends Across Spaces

Understand meeting space ROI to help with resourcing and future budgeting decisions.

  • Compare space occupancy and utilization by categories, such as location or room type.
  • Create custom categories to collect data unique to your company.
  • View how your different types of meeting and learning spaces are used.
Workforce Collaboration

Workforce Collaboration

Effectively support your workforce with technology investments that promote team productivity.

  • Track what devices users are sharing content from and provide tech support accordingly.
  • View which software and video conferencing services are used to share in meetings.
  • View insights on how Solstice end users are engaging with meeting and learning spaces.

How to Get Solstice Cloud Analytics

A Solstice Cloud account is included for free with your Solstice Pod purchase. To onboard your Pods into Solstice Cloud, the Pods must have internet access and be on software version 3.4 or later. To view real time Pod availability and meeting analytics, Pods require a current Solstice Subscription.

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Solstice Cloud Management

In addition to analytics, Solstice Cloud provides administrators with flexibility to easily deploy, organize, and update Solstice Pods at scale from anywhere in the world.

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