Nothing beats a hands-on evaluation. Hundreds of educational institutions and corporations are leveraging Solstice Active Learning to improve their classrooms and training spaces. Our free Solstice Active Learning trial includes a pack of Solstice Pods with Solstice Active Learning as well as free access to Solstice Cloud for the duration of the trial. Get your free trial today by following these three simple steps:

How it Works

1. Fill out the form*

1. Fill out the form*

Complete the form below to request your Solstice Active Learning trial. Once you receive your Solstice Pods, you will have 90 days to complete your Solstice Active Learning evaluation.

2. Connect with a Mersive expert

2. Connect with a Mersive expert

Next, we’ll connect you with a Mersive Solstice expert to discuss your project and determine the best way to get you up and running – as well as answer any questions you may have.

3. Receive your Solstice Pods in the Mail

3. Receive your Solstice Pods in the Mail

Now the rubber hits the road! We ship your Solstice Pods to you for your 90-day trial at no cost to you. If the Solstice Pods with Active Learning are right for you, we’ll work to fully onboard your institution.

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Meet The Solstice Pod

The Solstice Pod is Mersive’s software-based appliance that hosts the Solstice collaboration software, serves as an end-point for
Mersive’s cloud-enabled capabilities, and provides support for a broad range of room configurations and equipment.

Arrow Device
Solstice Pod Front Solstice Pod Front
Solstice Pod Front

HDMI Input

In addition to Solstice’s wireless sharing options, the Pod’s HDMI input enables sharing from wired content sources, such as guests that may not have network access.


The Pod’s front facing USB-C port will support future innovations.

Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back

Ethernet & Wireless

Dual wired and wireless network interface cards provide ultimate flexibility for deploying Solstice on the host IT network(s) and separate routing tables ensure no traffic passes between networks.

Power Supply or POE+

Power the Pod via POE+ or a dedicated power supply.

3.5mm Stereo Out

Connect the Pod to room audio via the 3.5mm audio port with 8-channel 7.1 surround sound.

Dual USB

Room audio/video peripherals, HID touch displays, and local configuration changes are supported via the Pod dual USB ports.

Dual HDMI Outputs

Drive a single 4k display or two 1080p displays with the Pod’s dual HDMI outputs.

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**By requesting your free trial you are agreeing to provide billing and shipping information prior to shipment of your trial. This is a 30-day free trial program, with a 90-day free trial available for Solstice Active Learning. The free trial period can be extended if additional time is necessary to evaluate the Solstice product. If you would like to extend your trial beyond the initial trial period, you must confirm the extension with a Mersive representative at least 5 days prior to the end of the trial period. After the trial period, you will be emailed a return label and are required to return the hardware within 7 business days. After we receive the hardware, there will be no further obligation. If the hardware is lost, damaged in any way, or not returned to Mersive, you will be invoiced for the cost of the hardware with standard payment terms. If you elect to purchase one or multiple Solstice Pods after or during the trial, please connect with your Mersive representative and we will guide you through our easy purchase options. Your participation in this free trial program assumes your agreement to these terms as well as your commitment to pay for any invoice(s) that result from non-returned devices after the trial period.