Network Options for the Solstice Pod

The Solstice Pod has two separate network interfaces that enable 7 unique network deployment options.  Solstice can be flexibly deployed on your network, even if you have a complex network architecture with multiple VLANs and subnets or separate guest and enterprise networks.  See the Network Deployment Guide for details on deployment and a list of all ports Solstice may need to utilize.

Dual Network Mode is the most common of the numerous network options for the Solstice Pod, but another mode may be more appropriate based on your network and application.  The Solstice Pod deployment options are:

  1. Dual Network Mode: The Pod is attached to the existing enterprise network via Ethernet and is attached to a secondary network (guest) as a wireless network client. Ideal for companies or campuses where users on different networks need to connect to the same Solstice display. For example, both guest and enterprise networks exist and users on each need to collaborate in a meeting.
  2. Main Network + WAP: The Pod is attached to the existing network via Ethernet and the WAP SSID is enabled/set up. Internet access can be granted to the WAP-connected users (optional). Great for maintaining core network security even when customers or partners come in and need to collaborate with enterprise users in a meeting.
  3. Bridged Multiple Networks: The Solstice Pod is attached wired (recommended) or wirelessly to the enterprise network and receives traffic from multiple networks via routing IP traffic, allowing users on different networks to collaborate on the same display.
  4. Isolated VLAN: Often the best solution for high-security networks, all Solstice traffic is logically isolated to a VLAN on the main enterprise network. The managed VLAN is typically given internet access. For more detail on security-sensitive network best practices, see the Pod Baseline Security Standard. 
  5. Single Enterprise Network: Best for small businesses and other controlled environments, the Solstice Pod resides on the main network with all other devices and users.
  6. Dedicated Wireless Network: The Solstice Pod is physically  attached wired (recommended) or wirelessly to a dedicated wireless network separate from an enterprise network. This dedicated network typically does have internet access.
  7. Off-Network WAP: The wireless collaboration hotspot enables collaboration but does not provide internet access. We recommend no more than 2-3 users connect to a WAP simultaneously.

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