The Solstice Platform offers unlimited screen sharing capabilities that makes meetings more productive. Share digital content from any laptop or mobile device that you bring into a meeting. Content adds context to complicated discussions, supporting decision making without wasting time – driving meeting productivity.

Leverage Existing Investments

Utilize your laptops, flat panel displays, and wired/wireless network.

Solstice Makes Meetings More Productive

Share a Wide Variety of Content

Share your desktop, individual app windows, or media posts (video or images).

Solstice Makes Meetings More Productive

Simplify Complex Concepts

Stream web content, make live changes to a spreadsheet, or share a slideshow of images.

Solstice Makes Meetings More Productive
Solstice Makes Meetings More Productive
Solstice Makes Meetings More Productive
Solstice Makes Meetings More Productive
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Easy to Deploy, Easy to Use

  • Solstice is available as a small form factor device, the Solstice Pod, that is easy to plug-in and set up.
  • Connect the HDMI from the device to your display and plug in the power cable.
  • Set up your device and connect it to your network.
  • Users download the free Solstice app for their laptops or mobile devices (Apple or Android).
  • Users can then start sharing their device screens/desktops to the Solstice enabled display.

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Where is Solstice Used?

Solstice allows you to wirelessly share your screen anywhere there is a Solstice enabled display – download the app once and you’re all set.

Perfect for conference rooms, huddle spaces, or any meeting space with a display. Solstice can be securely deployed on an existing enterprise networks or as a standalone WiFi hotspot.

Also perfect for classrooms or lecture halls – Solstice is commonly used in learning environments, from K-12 to higher education. By allowing students to show and tell during classroom discussions or presentations, sharing digital content becomes a fun and easy way for teachers to boost engagement in the classroom.

Have many meeting spaces? No problem.

If you are looking to deploy in multiple rooms, we have a centralized IT management tool available for Windows, Solstice Dashboard, where you can set up and update all the Solstice enabled displays.