Upgrade to Solstice Gen3

Solstice has come a long way – and we’re glad you’ve been part of the journey. We are continuing to innovate and deliver new capabilities so that you and your team can have the best meeting and collaboration experience. Since the launch of our Solstice Gen3 platform in 2018, many of our new features – like better room integration support, Solstice Active Learning and Solstice Conference – have not been available on earlier generations of Solstice. We’d like to invite you to take advantage of a limited-time program and swap your Solstice Gen2 Pods for our latest platform – Solstice Gen3.

Upgrade to Gen3 in 2 simple steps:

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Here’s why the Gen3 platform is Mersive’s most capable Solstice Pod ever.

Solstice Gen2 vs Gen3 differences