Getting started
with Solstice.

Solstice makes it easy to connect and share content. Users can follow the connection instructions on the Solstice welcome screen in your meeting space, or watch the Solstice user quickstart video for a three-step demonstration of the connect-and-share process. 


Need the Solstice user app?

Download the free Solstice user apps below (no admin rights required) or follow on-screen instructions if you’re in a Solstice-enabled room.

Once downloaded, the app will remain on your device for future use.


Learn what you can do with Solstice.

Solstice supports collaborative content sharing and control from laptops and mobile devices to large-format displays in meeting and learning spaces. For more information about Solstice’s features and capabilities for different use cases, check out the other sections of this page below or view the full Solstice User Guide.


Elements of the Solstice Welcome Screen

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Wireless Content Sharing

The basics of wireless content sharing.

Solstice replaces the video cable in the meeting room to allow users to wirelessly share content from their laptops and mobile devices to the in-room display. With Solstice, it’s quick and easy to connect and start sharing your screen no matter what device you bring into the room.


Collaboration vs presentation.

User engagement and participation are key to effective collaboration, so meetings shouldn’t be limited to a single presenter sharing their screen. Solstice supports multi-threaded content sharing to allow all meeting participants to compare and contrast ideas – driving better results in less time.


Stage and control content too.

In addition to sharing capabilities, Solstice gives every connected user the ability to arrange and control content on the shared display from their Solstice app or via a touch display. Stage content using the off-screen dock, customize the layout, and more – whatever the session requires.


Solstice for teaching and learning environments.

Solstice is commonly deployed in a broad range of teaching and learning spaces to take student engagement and knowledge transfer to new heights. Solstice’s session moderation is designed specifically for education use-cases and ensures that faculty remain in control while supporting students participation. The feature allows the moderator(s) to preview and approve/reject any post before it appears on the room display. Check out the first video below to see moderation in action.

Improve Student Engagement

Enrich Lesson Content

Technology Enabled Active Learning

Multi-Room collaboration.

Solstice Multi-Room expands the Solstice in-room experience to sync up to 4 Solstice-enabled meeting spaces anywhere on the IT network in a single session. Whether it’s an overflow classroom for a popular lecture or a code review with teammates in other locations, Multi-Room lets you share and collaborate around meeting content as if you were all in the same room.

Solstice works alongside your existing conferencing tools to supplement their voice and video support with Solstice’s collaborative content sharing capabilities. To see how easy it is to start or join a Multi-Room session, watch this video from Mersive CTO and Founder Christopher Jaynes

For a complete guide to using Multi-Room to the fullest, please see the Multi-Room User Guide.

Learn more about Multi-Room here »