Solstice: High Performance Huddle Room Technology

Today’s innovative and dynamic workforce demands technology-enabled spaces to efficiently work together and solve problems. Teams increasingly need spaces that are available at a moment’s notice for ad hoc meetings and collaboration sessions. Huddle spaces allow small groups of people to work through problems and challenges together by democratizing not only the physical space but also the display by encouraging participation from every team member.

Huddle space

Same Experience. Smaller Spaces.

Huddle spaces are ideal for facilitating a focused collaboration session for 2-4 people, and we have a Pod to match. The SGE Pod lets up to 4 participants simultaneously share unlimited content to the screen, offering the full Solstice experience at an even lower price-point.

Mersive Huddle

Increase Productivity Through Simplicity

Solstice lets any user on any device quickly join a collaboration session on a shared display without the need for cables, dongles, or switching WiFi networks. The best huddle room technology is so intuitive that you forget it’s even there.

“We’re an avid user of our Solstice Pods in both our meetings and event spaces and our flexible workspaces. It’s been a great tool, not only for us internally as a team, but also for our clients that occupy our workplace. The intuitive ease of use, the easy deployment, and the remote management options really make it scalable product for us.” Micah Judah, Regional Director of Technology, Convene

Some of the most successful brands in the world use Solstice.