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Mersive Launches Cloud-Based Software for Meeting Analytics and Room Monitoring

Denver, CO, October 31, 2018: Mersive Technologies, the leader in wireless content sharing and collaboration, today announced Kepler, a cloud-based software tool that centrally monitors Solstice-enabled meeting rooms to provide powerful analytics on user collaboration and room utilization. These insights empower organizations to optimize their common spaces for greater usability, productivity, and ROI.

“We’re taking the guesswork out of room utilization and providing unique insight into collaborative behavior of team members in a meeting environment,” said Mersive Founder and CTO Christopher Jaynes, PhD. “Kepler provides the hard data and analytics that facilities managers need to make data-driven decisions. They can plan facilities based on actual usage, identify rooms that ‘work’ and rooms that ‘need work’ and much more.”

By collecting data from Solstice Pods installed in meeting rooms and huddle spaces, Kepler provides unparalleled insights into levels of user content sharing, device usage, meeting statistics, and room usage such as peak hour tracking, room popularity, average meeting length and more. Further, Kepler’s centralized monitoring and proactive email alerts streamline ongoing oversight of Solstice deployments enabling technology managers to detect and resolve issues before they cause disruption for meeting participants. Using Kepler, organizations can automate ongoing oversight of Solstice deployments and leverage key behavioral insights to improve meeting productivity.

“For example, we have discovered meetings that take place in huddle spaces are 34% shorter and involve 22% more shared content than meetings in traditional conference rooms,” added Jaynes. “This is the kind of invaluable statistic that will allow us all to make more effective use of our working day going forward.”

Kepler is an optional addition to new or existing Solstice deployments and is included with any Pod under an active Solstice Subscription (formally maintenance)
agreement. Each Pod communicates directly with Kepler’s cloud server. The communication is one way only, from the Pod to the server, and is secured using industry standard best practices for authentication and encryption. A Kepler user account is created in the Solstice Dashboard by an administrator and thereafter can be accessed by logging in at

“Kepler is a significant value-add to Mersive customers in terms of tactical day-to-day management as well as strategic workplace planning. We are already planning new capabilities like advanced analytics, automated insights, and scheduled versus unscheduled meeting metrics to create even more value and ROI,” said Jaynes.

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Mersive’s Solstice wireless collaboration solution boosts productivity by putting content at the center of the meeting experience. Participants are more engaged because Solstice’s intuitive, software-based interface makes it easy for any number of users to share content from any device. Moreover, corporations and universities can securely deploy the solution across locations and centrally manage them from a single console. For more information visit

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