Solstice Conference
(coming soon)

Seamlessly add remote participants to your Solstice meeting with one-step bridging to any video conference.

Solstice Conference seamlessly integrates Solstice’s intuitive, high-performance wireless content sharing with any video conferencing service to deliver a unified collaboration experience for both local and remote participants.

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Solstice’s agnostic conferencing support allows anyone to easily host a web conference no matter which platform they use, increasing the flexibility of the conference room and reducing the complexity of meeting with remote workers or external stakeholders.

With remote attendees viewing the same shared content and business applications that in-room users see on the display, teams can more effectively gain alignment and understanding, regardless of location.

One-step start. Always.

Start the meeting in one step regardless of the conferencing service being used. No more lengthy delays or codec-specific workflows.

  • Meetings run on host laptops, no conferencing devices required.
  • Automates meeting start using personal or room calendar.
  • Automatically connects room peripherals wirelessly.



Agnostic video conferencing support.

Seamlessly integrate with any conferencing service to provide a consistent, easy meeting experience.

  • Supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and more.
  • Full pass-through control of room peripherals.
  • In-room workflows are simple and consistent for all meeting types.

One-step, performant content sharing.

Combine the ease of use and high performance of in-room wireless collaboration with the reach of video conferencing.

  • One-step content sharing for in-room participants using Solstice.
  • High performance streaming and collaboration on in-room display.
  • Share the full in-room experience with remote participants.



Lower total cost of ownership.

Increase team productivity while reducing IT-related costs.

  • Support all video conferencing services with one solution.
  • Half the recurring cost of Zoom Rooms.
  • Lower bandwidth costs by keeping in-room content on the local network.

Mersive’s Guide To Better Workplace Conferencing

Launch & Pricing Details

Solstice Conference will be available in Summer 2020. The new capability will be included as part of a Solstice Subscription. To be notified when it is available, please join our waiting list. For more information, contact Mersive or your AV/IT dealer.

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