Rich Content Sharing Makes Web Conferencing Better for the In-Office and Remote Workforce

Up until now, content rich collaboration has only been available to in-person, proximate meetings – limiting remote participants to a single content view which is the default state for current web conferencing solutions.

This raises a few pressing questions:

Why do current web conferencing solutions offer multi-participant audio and video but content is limited to a single stream?

Can my in-room wireless content sharing solution be used to send a multi-source content view to remote participants whether they’re in the office or working from home?

Doesn’t it make sense to standardize on a collaboration solution that works consistently and effectively from any location including main offices, satellite offices, and home offices?

Solstice Conference is designed to deliver rich content-based collaboration for both onsite and remote teams, with agnostic conferencing support and one-click start for all major conferencing services including Zoom, WebEx and Teams. With Solstice Conference, users can share and control unlimited content with remote participants. And regardless of whether they’re in the room or connected via web conference, participants can observe everything that happens, improving meeting engagement and participation.

Solstice Conference works by wirelessly bridging USB room cameras and microphones to the meeting host’s laptop, and allowing the meeting host to share the in-room display to the web conference. These two capabilities extend the full in-room experience – including room audio, video, and rich content – to remote participants seamlessly via any conferencing service. The result is a complete room system at a fraction of the cost.

Solstice Conference delivers robust teamspace collaboration for local and remote participants at an affordable price, giving organizations a cost-effective way to equip their onsite meeting and learning spaces to support the growing number of remote workers.

Solstice Conference will be available soon. For more information, contact Mersive or your AV/IT dealer.