Mersive is pleased to announce that the newest training course in our technical certification track is now available! In January, we launched an updated Solstice Deployment Certification Course, focusing on the Solstice deployment process using Solstice Cloud. The newest course in our technical track, the Solstice Conference Certification Course, builds upon the existing Solstice Deployment Certification Course and focuses on technical training and best practices for deploying Solstice Conference.

Solstice Conference Training Program Certified

Like the first course in the series, the Solstice Conference Certification Course is a CTS-accredited technical training course, designed for those that are speccing and deploying Solstice Conference, including resellers, distributors, consultants, integrators, IT/technology administrators, or anyone that can benefit from a more in-depth understanding of how to deploy Solstice Conference. The course time is approximately one hour and is worth one CTS/I/D RU.

Highlights include:

  • In-depth training for Solstice Conference deployment and capabilities
  • Training based on the latest version of Solstice Conference released in Solstice 5.3
  • Best practices and checklists designed to simplify the deployment process

In addition to this newest technical training course, we now have a ….

New Mersive Learning Lab

Mersive is also excited to announce that we have rolled out a new e-learning portal. Both the original course and the new Solstice Conference Deployment Course are now available in the new Mersive Learning Lab.

The Learning Lab includes an intuitive user interface with an interactive course design that includes a combination of video and interactive elements for learning and knowledge retention. The Learning Lab design also makes it easier to find and use training and supplemental materials and will serve as a robust training hub as Mersive adds continued courses, product videos, and resources.

Through the Learning Lab, users are also able to share their course accomplishments directly to LinkedIn and have access to a forum where they can openly share and discuss topics and training. ​

Solstice Certification Badges

We highly encourage you to check out the new Mersive Learning Lab and begin (or continue) your Solstice Certification!

Top Reasons to Get Solstice Conference Deployment Certified

For the best deployment experience, we encourage all of our authorized channel partners and others involved in Solstice deployment management to stay current with their technical certifications.

Become a Solstice Conference Deployment Expert
Solstice Conference is designed to be deployed in a broad range of customer environments. Learn how to deploy and configure Solstice Conference to meet the requirements of your projects and deliver maximum value to your customers.

Qualify for Mersive Deal Registration
If you are an authorized channel partner, remain current on Solstice Certification to qualify for Mersive’s Deal Registration Program, earning you an extra discount on qualified registered deals.

Earn CTS Credits
After completing the Solstice Conference Certification Course, you’ll receive one CTS/I/D RU that’s good for two years.