Video Conferencing: A New Class of Room System

Enhance your meetings with video conferencing – a smarter room system that provides a unified, more collaborative experience for remote and in-room participants.

Why Video Conferencing?

Enhances Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing combines the power of content sharing with the reach of video conferencing for more efficient and engaging meetings.

Enterprise Secure and Scalable

Solstice has been deployed in some of the most secure institutions across the globe and is scalable to any number of rooms with fully centralized management.

Rich Content Sharing

Rich Content Sharing

Solstice supports multi-participant content sharing, control, and mark up from any device.

Agnostic Conferencing Support

Agnostic Conferencing

Supports all major video conferencing services.

Touchless Room Experience

Touchless Room

Host your meetings from your own laptop, no room tablet, panel or dongle needed.

Cloud-Based Management


Easily monitor and manage your entire deployment from your Solstice Cloud account.

Cloud-Based Management

Deployment Analytics


Use room utilization metrics and collaboration insights to optimize your meeting spaces.

Security Hardened and Tested

Security Hardened
and Tested

The Solstice Pod is security hardened and third-party tested (results available upon request).

How it Works

With video conferencing, your laptop wirelessly connects to the meeting room technology and remote participants using any video conferencing service. With full ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ support, video conferencing makes any meeting space video-conference-ready.

1-Set Up

The Solstice Pod connects to the room display, local WiFi/Ethernet network, and all other room technology – including cameras, microphones, soundbars, and more.

2-Touchless One-Step Connect

In a single step, the meeting host can connect the room to the video conference service of choice, launching meetings through Zoom, Webex, Teams, and more.


Easily share room audio, video, and rich, multi-participant content for more collaborative conferencing sessions.

Improve Your Existing Conferencing Technology

Rich, Multi-Participant Content Sharing


No Vendor Lock-In

Less Expensive than Traditional Room Systems

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Significant Savings At Every Step

Video conferencing has a significantly lower subscription price point than most popular video conferencing room licenses on the market, including Zoom Rooms.

Every new Solstice Pod includes one year of Solstice Subscription, with access to video conferencing and much more.

With video conference, only one onsite meeting participant is connected to the video conference. All other in-room participants share over the local network, significantly reducing external bandwidth costs.

Add Audio/Video for a Complete Room System

Whether you’re updating an existing room or specing a new build, video conferencing easily integrates with room AV to deliver powerful room-based conferencing.

Integrate Existing Room Audio/Video

Connect Solstice to existing room AV and start collaborating!

Deploy Solstice + Logitech Room Solutions

Check out Solstice + Logitech solutions for small, medium, and large rooms.

Work with a Mersive Dealer

Find an authorized Mersive partner to design your perfect meeting room solution.

Solstice Room System Enhancements

Optimize your meeting space with these capabilities and integrations that are
included with video conferencing at no additional cost.

Calendaring Integration

Digital Signage

Management and Analytics

Are You Ready to Experience a Better Room System Solution?

Bring Your Own Meeting to Any Space with Solstice Conference

With video conferencing, ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ becomes a reality, as your personal technology connects to and controls the room technology to deliver a user-centric experience through the device you’re already familiar with.

With seamless integration of user devices and teamspace infrastructure, Solstice enhances the existing investment and improves the usability, productivity, and ROI of meeting and learning spaces.